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We have posted up features on some top Childrens series, Including: One of the strangest ever children's TV drama serials, the dark 1977 HTV series King Of The Castle, one of the more obscure children's TV drama serials, the superbly atmospheric 1973 ATV series The Jensen Code, from the creator of Rentaghost and Grandad, the wonderfully silly 1973 Thames TV series Robert's Robots, the little known, but rather wonderful 1972 ATV airfield drama Fly Into Danger, and one of the finest children's TV drama serials ever made, the unsettling, atmospheric drama from 1975 - SKY.

King Of The Castle The Jensen Code SKY Roberts Robots DVD


Coming very soon - reviews / features on these following cult Kids TV shows: The Owl Service, Moon Stallion, Children Of The Stones, Midnight Is A Place, The Changes and many more.