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New DVD / Blu-ray releases August 2009

Our Top 3 pick of August 2009's best TV DVD and Blu-ray releases.

1. A Kind of Loving

Released: 10 Aug 2009

A truly magnificent release of Granada's faithful and acclaimed ten-part 1982 adaptation of Stan Barstow's classic novel. A terrific cast includes Susan Penhaligon, Clive Wood and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer. Released by Network for the first time on any format. More info..

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Roberts Robots

2. Roberts Robots: The Complete Series 1

Released: 17 Aug 2009

From Bob Block, writer and creator of Rentaghost and Grandad, comes this wonderfully strange kids comedy series from 1973. Starring John Clive as s Robert, and the soon-to-be Magpie presenter Jenny Hanley. More info..

Roberts Robots is exclusively available directly from the Network website.

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3. Supergran: The Complete Series 1

Released: 10 Aug 2009

One of the last truly cult kids series, a strangely hammy romp with a first class cast including Iain Cuthbertson and Billy Connolly. Also featuring one of the last appearances by Carry On legend Charley Hawtrey. More info..

We are giving away a copy of Supergran: The Complete Series 1 DVD in our Wonderfully Simple Supergran DVD competition.

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The best of the rest of cult TV DVD and Blu-ray releases from August 2009

Morecambe and Wise: Series 6

Released: 03 Aug 2009

All six episodes from series 6. 4 and a half hours of classic sketches and variety including the legendary and hilarious Tom Jones backing singers sketch.

Mystery And Imagination
Mystery and Imagination

Released: 03 Aug 2009

An absolute treasure trove of gothic horror from the Thames series that ran between 1968 and 1970. Also includes 2 epsiodes from the 1966 ABC series.

Mystery and Imagination is exclusively available directly from the Network website.

Wessex Tales

Released: 03 Aug 2009

Six dramatisations of Thomas Hardy short stories. Including : The Withered Arm, Fellow Townsmen, A Tragedy Of Two Ambitions, and An Imaginative Woman.

Pardon the Expression: The Complete Series 2

Released: 24 Aug 2009

One of only two spin-off series from Coronation Street. Arthur Lowe in perhaps his most suited role, as social climber Mr Leonard Swindley, assistant manager, Dobson & Hawkes chain store. More info..

Wilde Alliance: The Complete Series

Released: 03 Aug 2009

From 1978 an unlikely ratings winner for Yorkshire TV. A married couple of amateur slueths and crime novelists, follow various crimes from the vantage point of their comfortably appointed Manor House apartment in York. More info..

Tutti Frutti

Released: 03 Aug 2009

From the pen of John Byrne (writer of the amazing film 'The Slab Boys), came this landmark TV series from 1987, that would go on to make its stars Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson and Richard Wilson into stars and household names.

Doctor Who - The Black Guardian Trilogy

Released: 10 Aug 2009

Stories 3, 4 and 5 ('Mawdryn Undead', 'Terminus' and 'Enlightenment') of the 20th season, sees Peter Davidson aiming to avoid being the subject of an assasination by The Black Guardian.

Three Men in a Boat

Released: 24 Aug 2009

Tim Curry, Michael Palin and Stephen Moore star in Tom Stoppard's excellent 1975 adaptation of Jerome K Jerome's classic novel. Made by the BBC and directed by the wonderful and very much in demand Stephen Frears.

The Cuckoo Waltz: Series 2

Released: 10 Aug 2009

It is easy to forget that The Cuckoo Waltz was a big hit at the time. Series 2 is from 1976 and stars Diane Keen, David Roper as a husband and wife and a pre- The Professionals Lewis Collins as their lodger. More info..

Queenie's Castle

Released: 10 Aug 2009

From the pens of Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall (Billy Liar, Budgie), comes this raucous Yorkshire TV sitcom that ran between 1970-72. The eponymous matriach Queenie is played effortlessly by the greatly missed Diana Dors. More info..

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The Gaffer: The Complete Series 1

Released: 17 Aug 2009

Bill Maynard (in a follow up role to "Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggat") stars as Fred Moffatt, penny-pinching director of a small light-engineering firm. Think of a grubbier, more devious 'Del Boy' and you're half the way there. More info..


Other notable DVD and Blu-ray TV releases in August 2009

Lord Peter Wimsey Collection

Released: 03 Aug 2009

10 disc collection of the 5 serial adaptation of Dorothy L Sayers gentleman detective, played wonderfully by the majestic Ian Carmichael.

The Sopranos: Complete Series 1-6

Released: 03 Aug 2009

All new box set release containing every episode of the landmark series following mafia boss Tony Soprano and his family. 86 episodes and 4,675 minutes of top television.

Flight of the Conchords: The Seasons 1 & 2

Released: 03 Aug 2009

Following the comedic, (often pathetically comedic) exploits of Jermaine and Bret - the future of future folk dub folk soul.

Jam and Jerusalem: Series 2

Released: 03 Aug 2009

A low key series that we think is the finest work of Jennifer Saunders' glittering career so far. Beautifully written, and a truly perfect cast come together in a show that we hope will run and run.

Psychoville (Blu-ray and DVD)

Released: 03 Aug 2009

The League of Gentleman's Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton come together in a brilliantly focussed vision of dark comedy horror mayhem and dizzying strangeness.

Agony: The Complete Series 3

Released: 03 Aug 2009

The final series from 1981, of this hugely successful sitcom (based on the real-life agony aunt Anna Raeburn). Starring Maureen Lipman as the agony aunt Jane Lucas. More info..

The Jewel in the Crown: The Complete Series

Released: 10 Aug 2009

Along with Brideshead Revisited, this has to be one of the very best drama series ever made by ITV. Shame to think what ITV produces now. So relive the landmark series with this gorgeous 25th Anniversary edition DVD .

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection

Released: 10 Aug 2009

Starring Jeremy Brett and David Burke. Includes all 41 episodes from the 1980's television series The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes. 10 discs containing 40 hours of Holmes at his best.

CSI - New York - Series 5 - Complete

Released: 10 Aug 2009

The complete fifth season of the ever populare forensic cop show. We prefer the grittier cop orientated New York version over the original Miami version - but what do we know.

The Kevin Bishop Show

Released: 10 Aug 2009

Series 1 of The Kevin Bishop Show. In truth there is nothing very much new in the format, but the occasional gems make this well worth a watch.

Hornblower: The Complete Collection

Released: 17 Aug 2009

This series could have been a disaster. But the terrific adaptations of C.S.Forester's books along with Ioan Gruffudd's acting, were a winning combination.

Lewis - Series 1-3 - Complete

Released: 17 Aug 2009

Many thought Lewis should've have hung up his bicycle clips when Morse departed the scene. But thankfully the stories have maintained beautifully.

Pulling: Series 1 & 2

Released: 17 Aug 2009

This female ensemble sitcom packing some added punch, has rightfully proved (alongside Gavin & Stacey) to be one of the freshest and funniest gems of the BBC's recent comedy output.

The Royle Family Album - Complete

Released: 17 Aug 2009

Includes every episode of every series, plus the specials of this true landmark in recent sitcom history. All the 10 hours of 'action' is packed here onto 5 discs.

East of Ipswich

Released: 24 Aug 2009

Michael Palin's semi- autobiographical tale set in the 1950s, tells of a teenager dragged off on a quiet family holiday, whilst around him Rock n Roll and excitement is taking place.

2Point4 Children: Complete

Released: 24 Aug 2009

All three series plus the christmas special of the post-sitcom sitcom that ran from 1991 to 1998, and which hade a uniquely universal following.

It Aint Half Hot Mum: Series 7

Released: 24 Aug 2009

So-so sitcom from the pens of Jimmy Perry and David Croft. The re-mastered penultimate of the series, that ran from 1974 right through to 1981.

Frasier - Series 1-11 - Complete

Released: 31 Aug 2009

Originally a spin-off from Cheers, but the sassier writing and the strength of the two main characters led to this becoming one of the truly great all-time US sitcoms.